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Premium White Terry Towel (8kg)

Premium White Terry Towel (8kg)

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Product Information:
  • Hotel-Grade White Terry Towel
  • 100% White Cotton
  • Very Soft
  • Durable & washable
  • Super absorbent
  • Ideal for most spills and janitorial applications
  • Metal detected & button-free
  • 100% recycled material
  • Average Wiper Size: 24" x 17"
  • All materials are thermally disinfected and only handled using Covid-safe Company procedures. This is to ensure the highest standard of hygiene with zero human contact.
  • Delivered in air-tight Polythene squeeze-packs

Optimizing Your Cleaning: Industries and Applications for Recycled Terry Towel Wiping Rags

Industries across various sectors rely heavily on efficient and effective cleaning solutions to maintain high standards of hygiene and operational productivity. Our recycled white terry towel wiping rags, laundered and repurposed from hotel-grade materials, are an ideal choice for a multitude of professional environments. These high-quality, durable rags can significantly enhance the cleaning processes in several key industries.

1. Automotive and Manufacturing: In automotive workshops and manufacturing plants, maintaining a clean and safe environment is crucial. Our wiping rags are perfect for cleaning up grease, oil, and other industrial contaminants. The absorbent nature of terry towels ensures that spills are quickly and effectively managed, minimizing downtime and maintaining workplace safety.

2. Hospitality and Food Service: Restaurants, hotels, and catering services require stringent cleanliness to meet health standards. These terry towel rags are ideal for wiping down kitchen surfaces, polishing glassware, and maintaining spotless dining areas. Their durability ensures they can handle repeated use and laundering, making them a cost-effective choice for high-turnover environments.

3. Janitorial and Facility Management: Professional cleaning services and facility management companies benefit greatly from versatile and robust cleaning materials. These recycled rags can be used for a variety of tasks, from dusting and mopping up spills to deep cleaning surfaces and equipment. Their reusability reduces the need for constant resupply, leading to significant cost savings.

4. Healthcare and Laboratories: Maintaining sterile environments in healthcare and laboratory settings is non-negotiable. Our terry towel rags are suitable for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, ensuring that they are free from contaminants. Their high absorbency helps in quickly removing spills, maintaining the cleanliness essential for these critical environments.

Cost-Effectiveness and Environmental Benefits: Purchasing an 8kg bale of our recycled wiping rags is not only economical but also environmentally responsible. Bulk buying reduces the frequency of orders, lowering shipping costs and the associated carbon footprint. By choosing recycled materials, you're supporting sustainable practices and reducing landfill waste. This approach is beneficial for your budget, reducing the per-unit cost, and contributing to a greener planet.

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Excellent Customer Service and very fast delivery.

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