Express Wipers Ltd: Your Trusted Source for Quality Cleaning Rags and Industrial Textile Recycling

Established in July 2010 by founders Marc Ratzker and Chris Williamson, Express Wipers Ltd has since become a renowned provider of top-quality cleaning rags and an expert in industrial textile recycling. We take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional service and eco-friendly, competitively priced products to our valued customers.


Our Journey

Our journey began with the sale of Marc's old kitchen on eBay, which funded our venture. Since then, we have grown steadily to meet the increasing demands of our customers. Our team has expanded, and we have welcomed new members who share our dedication to providing outstanding customer service and eco-conscious products.


eBay Excellence

We are proud to hold a 100% customer satisfaction rating on eBay, with 14,500+ positive reviews. Express Wipers Ltd is recognized as a 'Top-Rated Seller,' a testament to our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and reliability. Building on our eBay success, we have expanded by launching our own website in 2020 and an Amazon store in 2023, allowing us to offer even greater savings as we continue to grow and meet customer demands.


Industrial Textile Recycling

In addition to providing quality cleaning rags, Express Wipers Ltd specializes in industrial textile recycling. We are committed to reducing waste and environmental impact through responsible recycling practices. Join us in our mission to promote sustainability while enjoying cost-effective solutions.


Personalized Service

While we still operate from our modest office where our journey began, Express Wipers Ltd has grown in strength each year. We remain dedicated to offering a friendly and personalized service to every customer. Despite our growth, we uphold the same high standards that you would expect from much larger companies.


Experience the Express Wipers Ltd difference today. Browse our selection of quality cleaning rags and discover our expertise in industrial textile recycling. Enjoy fast, eco-friendly, and competitively priced solutions for all your cleaning and recycling needs.