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Premium Lint-Free White Sheeting (10kg)

Premium Lint-Free White Sheeting (10kg)

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Product Information:
  • Widely considered as the Industry's leading White Cleaning Rag
  • 100% White Cotton
  • Lint-Free
  • PREMIUM: Brilliant white wipers
  • Super Absorbent
  • Ideal for most cleaning applications, including polishing and shining
  • Metal detected and button-free
  • 100% recycled material
  • Average Wiper Size: 24" x 17"
  • All materials are thermally disinfected and only handled using Covid-safe Company procedures. This is to ensure the highest standard of hygiene with zero human contact.
  • Delivered in air-tight Polythene squeeze-packs 

Recycled cotton cleaning rags, manufactured from laundered hotel-grade lint-free white cotton sheeting, offer exceptional utility across various industries. Our meticulous recycling and manufacturing processes ensure these rags meet the rigorous demands of both industrial and domestic applications. Key industries benefiting from these high-quality cleaning wipers include automotive, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, and janitorial services.

In the automotive industry, the lint-free nature of these rags is crucial for tasks requiring a pristine finish, such as detailing and polishing vehicles. Their superior absorbency makes them ideal for wiping away grease, oil, and other fluids, ensuring vehicles remain spotless.

Professional polishing companies rely on lint-free wipers to leave a streak-free finish which isn't abrasive or tough on the subject being maintained or restored to pristine condition. 

Manufacturing plants find these rags indispensable for maintaining machinery, cleaning spills, and ensuring a contaminant-free environment. The durability of the recycled cotton ensures they withstand the tough demands of industrial cleaning without falling apart.

Hospitality and healthcare sectors benefit significantly from these rags due to their hygienic properties and high absorbency. They are perfect for wiping down surfaces, ensuring cleanliness, and maintaining a sterile environment.

Janitorial services, both industrial and residential, find these rags versatile for everyday cleaning tasks, from dusting and mopping to scrubbing and polishing surfaces.

Purchasing a 10kg bale of these cleaning wipers, consisting of approximately 180-200 rags, presents a cost-effective solution. Bulk buying reduces the cost per unit, providing significant savings over time. Additionally, this approach supports environmental sustainability by reducing waste and promoting the recycling of high-quality materials.

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Richard Chadwick
Just the Job

Just the job many thanks 👍

Paul Prince
The Best

Perfect for our printing company. Thank you once again Chris

Easy to deal with

Easy to deal with. Item delivered on time

Quality cloths

Quality cloths, speedy delivery.

Mark Adlington
Exactly as described

Fast efficient and exactly as described